Zen Chinese Restaurant at Jupiters Casino

Gold Coast March 4th, 2008

A couple of weeks ago we decided to go to Zen chinese restaurant for my partners birthday.

Zen is located on the ground level of the casino tucked around a corner (past the Atrium bar) and it’s one of the best (or the best) restaurant in the casino. It’s a fine dining Chinese restaurant catering to the high rollers and brings a bit of class to the casino which underwent a massive refurbishment about a year ago.

Being a fine dining restaurant means the meals come with a high price tag so is it worth it?

We all had soups for starters - wonton and hot and sour soup. Both were around $9 each. I ordered a wonton soup and it was delicious - the dumplings hand made with a rich, dark broth.

For mains we ordered fillet beef with scallops and vegetables and macadamia nuts $33.50, eggplant with chilli and mince approx $18, chinese broccoli and oyster sauce approx $18 and special fried rice with hidden treasures approx $14.

Everyone loved the beef and scallops dish as the beef was tender and the scallops large. I was grateful that they removed the roe because I hate that part. The macadamia nuts also made it an extra classy dish.

The eggplant with chilli and mince was also wonderful and our friends had never tried this dish and they were impressed although they commented that it’s an oily dish. The oil is needed though to add flavour so I can’t criticise them on this point.

The chinese broccoli in my opinion was overpriced given that it’s only steamed with an oyster sauce over the top but the fried rice was faultless. The hidden treasures by the way are slices of Chinese sausage.

We went back to Zen a few weeks later to try out their $18.50 per person yum cha but were disappointed. It’s a set menu and they don’t bring around the trolleys. The set menu is generous but I prefer to choose what I want to eat and the whole fun of yum cha is choosing items off the trolleys.

Below are some pictures of our dinner meals. To write your own review click here!


Wonton Soup which was around $9


Hot and Sour Soup


At the front: Beef and scallops with macadamia nuts and vegetables $33.50, eggplant with chilli and mince approx $18. In the back: Chinese broccoli with oyster sauce approx $18 and fried rice with ‘hidden treasures’ approx $14

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