You Japanese Restaurant Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Restaurants September 30th, 2007

We went to You Japanese Restaurant in Surfers Paradise last night.

This is one of the best Japanese restaurants I have ever been to and it’s always packed out with Japanese customers so you know that they’re serving up authentic food. This small unassuming restaurant is set back from Cavill Avenue and is just near Melba’s nightclub at the entrance to a small arcade. We usually just park at the Surfers Paradise transit centre carpark and walk across the road as parking at night in Surfers can be near impossible. Parking only cost us $1.60.

We chose a seat at the bar which gives you a great view into the open kitchen. You can watch your skewered meat or eggplant being grilled and it’s fascinating to watch the expert head sushi chef beautifully slice up your sashimi. The menu has a wide range of choices but some options I haven’t yet tried because they don’t sound too appealing to my western tastes such as chicken giblets, jellyfish with vinegar and eel. I will be happy to sample some if someone else orders it but i’m not to game to order a whole dish just yet.

To start with I ordered a lime sour which is alcoholic - the waitress said it’s like Japanese Vodka which was lovely and refreshing. We ordered Edamame beans to start with (soy beans boiled in salted water in their pods), tuna sashimi, grilled eggplant which has benito flakes on top which move as if they’re alive from the rising heat of the eggplant, pork with vegetables and chilli and soba noodle soup with tempura prawn and vegetables.

For two drinks and all this food it only came to around $46. This restaurant can get a little noisy at times but it’s great if you want to try real, authentic Japanese food. The staff are always friendly and smiling and this is one of my favourite restaurants on the Gold Coast.


9 Beach Road
Surfers Paradise
Ph: (07) 5526 7266


You Japanese Restaurant - most people sit inside but there are a couple of tables out the front


The view from the bar - this restaurant has an open kitchen so you can watch all the action


Edamame beans - I’m so addicted I could eat them all day. Just squeeze the pods so the beans pop into your mouth. My lime sour is also in this shot.


Tuna sashimi. So tender and buttery it melts in your mouth.


Grilled eggplant with benito flakes which move as if alive from the heat coming off the eggplant.


Pork with vegetables and chilli


Soba noodle soup with tempura prawn and vegetables

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