Legends Chinese Seafood Restaurant Surfers Paradise

Gold Coast Restaurants September 29th, 2007

After picking up my boyfriend from the Airport we decided to get a late night dinner in Surfers. It was about 9:30pm on Wednesday. We’ve been to Legends Chinese Seafood a few times before but normally we go there for dinner earlier.

When we arrived there were still a couple of tables filled with customers both inside and out but even though the dining room was mainly empty, they seated us at a table in a corner which had baby high chairs cluttered behind. We ordered tea and when the waitress came back to take our order whe was very brusque - basically rude. She quickly took our order saying ‘yes’ impatiently between each item I ordered before snatching back the menu’s. I was also a little peeved at being given cutlery instead of chopsticks (I’ve been eating asian food with chopsticks since as long as I can remember) and it took several minutes trying to get a waiters attention to swap them. Perhaps it was because we were there late at night and the staff were just over it but really there’s no excuse for treating your customers with contempt. The opening hours stated that the restaurant was open until 11pm.

Legends does serve up delicious food although it is more pricey than other Chinese restaurants. The San Choi Bao was about $9 for two serves and the beef with cashew was about $20.

I will go here again because the food is fantastic and it’s certainly one of the better Chinese restaurants on the Gold Coast and next time I’ll ensure I dine earlier in the night when the staff will (hopefully) be more welcoming.

Location: 3041 Gold Coast Highway, Surfers Paradise. Ph: (07) 5538 4567


Inside Legends Chinese Seafood Restaurant


The San Choi Bao. It was very tasty but there should have been a bit more filling.


The fried rice. It was very nice - can’t remember how much it was though.


Beef with cashews. One of my favourite Chinese dishes. The beef was tender and the veggies crisp with no fatty bits. It was worth paying a little extra.

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