QLD Restaurants fail to impress in the 2008 Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide

Gold Coast Restaurants August 23rd, 2007

Queensland is renowned for its beaches, beautiful weather and the Great Barrier Reef but is it on the map as a destination for top restaurants? Not really according to the 2008 Australian Gourmet Traveller Australian restaurant guide recently released. The Courier Mail today posted an article where Restaurant and Catering Queensland CEO James Vissar said the result was “overwhelmingly disappointing.”

Out of 100 restaurants judged by AGT throughout Australia, the highest ranking QLD restaurant is Absynthe on the Gold Coast who came in at number 28. They were last year’s regional restaurant of the year winner. The top 24 restaurants in Australia was dominated by NSW and VIC.

The breakdown state by state was NSW had 44 restaurants nominated, VIC had 30, QLD 11, SA had 9, WA 4 and TAS had 2 restaurants featured in the top 100.

The Gold Coast had 6 restaurants featured in the guide- Absynthe (who placed 28th in the top 100), Chill on Tedder, Ristorante Fellini, Songbirds in the Forest, Vanitas and Vie.

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One Response to “QLD Restaurants fail to impress in the 2008 Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant Guide”

  1. joe Says:

    I am not surprised. Absynthe’s food is excellent but the service and staff performance need to lift their game. We have just returned from dinner at Absynthe on the Gold Coast, and the meal cost us around $4oo.oo. The food was, as expected, excellent and I told them so during the course of the evening. Unfortunately the service let the place down awfully.
    We had multiple staff serve us during the evening and the impression with which I was left was that, aside from repeating the menu description to us - parrot fashion, staff were disinterested in engaging with the customers, either because they were either afraid of talking to the customer or disinterested in talking to the customer. Only one staffer (the wine waiter) asked us how we had liked the first course. No one asked about any of the other courses.

    A different waitress from the original waiter poured the wine and proceeded to empty the bottle into my glass despite being to stop and told that we wanted to pace the consumption of the $125 bottle of wine.

    Another waitress poured tap water into my half full glass of mineral water. Each of these gaffes could easily have been avoided by talking to the customer and asking us if we wanted more wine, or did we want more water and what water we were drinking.
    Despite ordering a salad we did not receive a salad, but were charged for it.
    When the imported cheeses arrived they were cold, clearly not long out of the fridge or cold room.
    Each of these are relatively minor and forgiveable matters by themselves, but frustrating and not forgiveable when they are part of a continuing series of glitches that we simply do not expect from a top restaurant. Absynthe, please take a thoughtful look at how your staff interact with the customers! Think about what overall impression you want to leave them with!

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